Empowering People

Fulfilling Destiny

Leaving Legacy

Let us help you become all that God created you to be!  You have a God-given purpose and we would love to see that fulfilled!  We are excited to see God's work accomplished today and passionate about positioning future generations to continue on the work of Jesus and go so much further than we ever will!

A standard of EXCELLENCE

We believe that serving Jesus means giving Him our very best. It might not be perfect, but it will be the best we can do with the resources and time we have.

A posture of SERVING

Jesus came not to be served but to serve and He demonstrated this with a towel around His waist, washing His friends’ feet.  Jesus taught that the greatest of all will be the servants of all. 

A focus on JESUS

Our eyes are always fixed firmly on Jesus. Our passion is His presence and that take priority over everything.

A culture of HONOR

Every person is treated with the value that was paid for their life, the blood of Jesus. Honor is valuing, preferring, loving, and giving freedom to people from all backgrounds, lifestyles and situations.


Family is God's idea and we want to see it represented well in our church with all ages and stages.  From natural families to spiritual ones, you have a place here.

A commitment to AUTHENTICITY

No one likes fakes or imitations; we want what's real in relationships with each other and with Jesus.

A lifestyle of GENEROSITY

A life modeled after Jesus will be a life of generosity in our time, finances, and relationships.

A resolve for DIVERSITY

The Kingdom of God is made up of every culture and ethnicity and we believe that should been seen in our church from those that attend to those in leadership.