Our Mandate

Connecting people to their PURPOSE, impacting communities with HOPE.

Our Motives

When we talk about our motives, we are referring to those things that motivate us to fulfill the mandate that God has given to us.






First and foremost you are loved by God.  This is the foundation for our new life in Christ; we are unconditionally loved by God.  He can not love you more or less than He does right now.  Not only are you loved by God but you are loved by us.  Jesus gave a new command, He called it “His command”, and it is to love one another.  Our motivation is to love people the same way that we have been loved by God; it is God’s love poured into us and flowing through us to the people around us. 

The greek word for church is EKKLESIA which literally means ‘called out ones’ and it explicitly refers to people and not buildings.  You, as the church, have been called to be salt and light, to bring the Kingdom of God to earth and to love like He loves you. As followers of Jesus, each one of us is called to a specific mountain of culture (business, government, family, religion, media, education, entertainment) in order to establish the Kingdom of God in that place.  It matters not what your position is on that mountain, but rather to use the position and influence that you have for the Glory of God.  We are motivated by God’s calling to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. 

God is the originator of family. He is The Father and it says in Psalms that He sets the lonely in families.  As followers of Jesus we have been adopted by The Father into His heavenly family and we have been placed into the Family of God on earth. We at Crosspointe Life are a family.  It’s not a perfect family and we do not have family life all figured out; but we do have a healthy family and are committed to doing life together.  We are motivated to love and connect with people because we are family. 

You have dreams that we believe God has planted deep in your heart.  He has uniquely gifted you with talents and desires that are tailored to your dreams.  We believe in the dreams that God has placed within you and it is our desire to breathe life into those dreams and see you step into the fullness of what God has for you. You have a "sweet spot;” the place where your desires, talents and faith come together to know that you are doing exactly what you were created to do.  We want you to find your place and are committed to helping you in that process.