What are Destiny Groups?

Every one of us has a God given destiny. It is that thing inside of us that we were created to do. Some people know exactly what that is, where others have no idea that there’s even a destiny to fulfill.  This is where DESTINY GROUPS come in!


Destiny Groups are small groups that meet regularly to build community, discover purpose, and uncover practical steps to fulfill that destiny.  These groups will  empower you to step into all the God has created you to do! 


Each group begins by working through the Destiny Finder online testing material.  From this, each week we will discover how God has gifted us in ministry, motivation and manifestation. We will also spend time identifying our passions and dreams. Our gifting, passions and dreams are all clues to discovering the incredible destiny God has for us!


We spend time in worship, prayer and Bible study as part of our on going discipleship process in order to grow and mature in our relationship with Jesus. We believe that destiny is discovered and fulfilled in the context of a community, a family.  We were created to do life together! 


You are invited to join a DESTINY GROUP and begin the adventure of your lifetime!

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STARTING: September 18th

Destiny Finder with

Pastors Craig and Renee

Sunday's | 6-7:30pm

8809 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa

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Small Group with

Pastor Shelby and Juan

Monday's | 6:30-8pm

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Women's Small Group with

Megan Addler

Tuesday's | 6-8pm

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